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Swift Embedded Runtime Library Increases App Size

Since beginning Swift attracted a lot of attention, one of many questions was: How Apple will guarantee backwards compatibility in future Swift releases?

The response is cited a few times at Swift Blog, like the post of 1.0 release:

Because your apps today embed a version of the Swift GM runtime, they will continue to run well into the future.

But one thing, so far, I don’t see people talking about is how this embedded library affect the size of an app?

Swift, Access Control and Testing

Access control in Swift looks nice, but can give some trouble to find out how to make tests work smoothly. (The code in this post works with Xcode 6 beta 6.)

Static Libs With Support to iOS 5 and Arm64

With the launch of iPhone 5s Apple brings the 64-bit architecture to mobile, this brings new possibilities for the iOS platform. But there is a restriction imposed by Apple, only projects with deployment target to iOS 6.0 or higher can produce fat binaries including arm64. So the apps developer should choose between support iOS 5 and earlier or arm64, although SDK developers shouldn’t be obligated to decide for your users! It’s possible to produce one fat binary with all the architectures, so let’s see one way to do it.